Judge’s Awards, Top Selections – Most Inspirational & Motivational (2 Judge’s Awards, Top Selections: $300 cash + Novarra Buzz One Bicycle + Helmet/Lock smart rider package (value $510)

#1 Arianna Fleming – We’re Nature Freaks We Know It

#2 Jesse Ochoa – Tai Chi Sunset at Ernest E. Debs Regional Park


Judge’s Awards, Honorable Works – Most Inspirational & Motivational (2 Judge’s Awards, Honorable Works: $200 cash + REI Daypack + $50 REI Gift Certificate!)

#3 Diego Rodrigues – Get The Green, What It Means to Me

#4 Allison Clark – Collage


Top Participation Awards 5 Top Points Awards: $60 cash + REI Urban Traveler Daypack (value $89.50)

#1 –  Joselyn “Josey” Castañeda

#2 – Alejandra “Aly” Negrete

#3 –  Althea Grace “Gardenlover” Roble

#4 – Robert “Steamboy” Villarreal

#5 – Kathy Duong

REI Outdoor School Trip Awards 2 Awards: 1-Day Trips for 2 people to REI Outdoor School

Aaron Moxness

Miriam Bribiesca


( Para Información en español)

If you’re 13-18 years old and living in the L.A. Metro Area, this is your gig!
(L.A. Metro Area = Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Orange, Venutra & Riverside counties)

–> Take photos & videos of YOURSELF in NATURE
–> Get ideas of outdoor activities you can do in nature.
–> Enter your photos & videos on
–> Win prizes!

  •  Because nature & the environment are the core essence of life.
  • It’s time we get outdoors to enjoy our lands and really get to know what’s around us.
  • We have mad respect for the environment.
  • Our trees, parks, gardens, rivers, beaches and forests are our #1 sources of clean water, clean air and so much more.
  • It’s up to US to protect nature & the environment. If we don’t protect it, who will?

Checkout the 3 Prize Categories (below and on the right). Submit multiple photo & video entries of YOURSELF doing outdoor activities in nature to win! But submit only one (1) entry per type of outdoor activity (not 30 pictures of you hiking or picnicking; 1 photo or video of each activity will do the trick!).

1. Judges’ Award (4 winners): Make the most inspirational and powerful photos & videos of experiences in nature to win the big prize – $300 and aNovara bike, plus a smart rider helmet and lock!  Two (2) follow-up entries will win an educational award of $200, an REI Urban Traveler Daypack (value $89.50) and a $50 REI gift certificate.

2. Top Points (5 winners): Accumulate points each time yousubmit an entry with YOURSELF visible in the photos or videos! Top 5 people with the most points get $60 and an REI daypack!

— 1 point per photo
— 3 points per video (20 seconds minimum to 5 minutes maximum)
— 2 extra points for every adult family member you include
in the photo/video (with you in the picture too, of course)!
— 2 extra points if your video is bilingual (English & another language)!

Don’t forget: *YOU* have to be in the photo/video to be eligible for prizes.

entering January 18th.
Cutoff deadline is March 14th.
Big wins announced March 16th!!

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